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20th Dec 2016

8 Handy Spots Around The City To Watch The Easter Sunday Commemoration Parade


It’s a big day for Ireland. The 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising, Jesus rose again, and, arguably most importantly, we all get to tuck into mounds and mounds of treats now that Lent is finally over.

Due to it being the centenary of 1916, there’s a commemoration parade being held throughout the city, to honour those who fought for our country, and those who lost their lives in doing so.

The parade, which will be led by the Defence Forces, kicks off, at 10am sharp, at St. Stephen’s Green. Here’s the full route in its entirety, but we’ve scoped out which places should get you the best look in.

But remember, if you do get stuck somewhere bleak, large screens will also be available to sort you right out.

1. Saint Stephen’s Green, 10am

Watch the parade commence at its starting point, ensuring you see everyone involved with the utmost of vigour and national pride, before the tediousness of walking kicks in around noon. You may also get to be on the telly.

There are two big screens located just at the start of Stephen’s Green too, so if the crowds get a bit much for you – you’ll be absolutely sussed.

There are also plenty of breakfast/brunch options around here to reward yourself for getting up early on a Sunday morning. We’re thinking Hatch & Sons

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2. Kevin Street Lower, around 10.30am

Kevin Street Lower is a bit further on from Cuffe Street, and just after the part where The Camden Mile goes from Camden Street to Aungier Street. Big screen on offer as well, result.

You’re also in the vicinity of Antoinette’s Bakery, for your, very important, mid-parade snack.

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3. Where Clanbrassil Street meets Patrick Street, around 10.45am

Here, you find a slight bend in the road, just enough so you get a wider road, with a full view of the whole parade. Ideal if you know someone in it. 

A great spot to bring your dog for a walk, considering Pupp has just recently opened up on Clanbrassil street. Just waiting for you and man’s best friend to come sample it.

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4. Top of Dame Street, around 11am

And by ‘top of Dame Street’, we mean ‘near Crackbird‘. With a big screen on offer, and many restaurants and cafés to either order from, or watch the parade itself from, we think just about there is on to a winner.

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5. Outside Trinity, around 11.15am

Maybe the most easily accessible spot along the whole route – why not take it all in outside one of the country’s most spectacular buildings? The perfect location for history buffs. 

Surrounded by viewing screens, as well as one of the very few off-route viewing screens (incase it all gets too much/you have small children/the general public gets annoying) in the university itself.

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6. O’Connell Bridge, around 11.45am

The GPO, and the surrounding area of O’Connell Street will have limited access; only to the invited guests of the State Ceremonial event at the GPO. 

So, basically, O’Connell Bridge is just about as close as you’re getting. But, considering O’Connell Street itself was basically the epicentre of happenings at the time, it’s pretty cool that you could even set foot near there, looking at the same bullet holes, exactly 100 years later.

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7. Parnell Square, around 1.30pm

It’s unclear how long the State Ceremonial event will last at the GPO, but if the parade is to end at Bolton Street at 3pm, we think it shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half.

Catch the second half of the parade, at The Garden of Remembrance about 1:30pm – a much more civilised time to wake on a Sunday. And while you’re there, get involved in a Pho Viet treat for lunch, you won’t be disappointed.

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8. Bolton Street, 2.45pm

This is where the parade finishes, and is sure to be full of patriotic souls and smiling people. 

It all ends about 3pm or thereabouts, so after all the the festivities end, and your love for Ireland is at an all time high – you should treat yo’ self to some love, in the form of some cracking food. 

We recommend you drop into The Hungry Mexican Restaurant on Bolton Street, you won’t be disappointed.

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Main pic:  Aitormmfoto on Shutterstock.