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20th Dec 2016

It’s About The Music, Dammit: Here Are The Absolute Best Tunes The Eurovision Has Given Us


The Eurovision has given us a lot through the years.

From seriously wacky performances to some of the most cringey acts (we’re talking to you, Scooch), the annual contest never fails to entertain us.

Let’s get back to the real reason we love the Eurovision though, and that’s the incredible music it’s given us over the years. Yes, there have been some dreadful songs too, but we’re all about the positivity, and these songs have stood the test of time – still finding their way on to playlists, the radio and our HEARTS.

Here are the absolute best tunes the Eurovision has given us. (Note how many of these are Irish!)

1. ABBA – Waterloo

We had to include the most successful Eurovision contest story of all time – ABBA.

Waterloo is still a great tune, and we’re never sad to hear it on the radio. The band won in 1974 for the song and it’s still a cracker.

2. Brotherhood of Man – Kisses For Me

The UK’s winning entry in 1976 is a song we love to hate, It’s so cringe – but so catchy. And check out that suit! Brilliant

3. Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan – Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids

Tissues at the ready: Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids stole the show in 1994 and it’s still one of the best tunes of all time. This one is staying around forever.

It’s unfortunate that it’s become the official go-to for the idiot at a house party gets a hold of a guitar, once he’s finished murdering Wonderwall.

4. Johnny Logan – Hold Me Now

Speaking of tearjerkers AND Irish anthems, Johnny Logan’s Hold Me Now won big in 1987. Does it get any better than this? We don’t think so.

5. The Olsen Brothers – Fly On The Wings Of Love

We cannot believe this was sixteen years ago. Fly On The Wings Of Love has been remixed so many times, but this classic is still a winner for us

6. Niamh Kavanagh – In Your Eyes

This song is a belter, and our go-to karaoke tune. Fair play, Niamh, 

7. Loreen – Euphoria

This dance song still gets us going on a night out. Loreen’s Euphoria goes down as the highest voted for song in the competition ever. Love it.

8. Jedward – Lipstick

This may be a controversial entry BUT like it or not this was a seriously catchy song by Jedward. And the performance was the best that year – they were robbed. And we’ll never truly get over that.

9. Dana – All kinds Of Everything

Before she became the, um, ‘alternative’ candidate on the presidential ballot paper, Dana’s All Kinds Of Everything made so many Irish mammies happy back in 1970.

10. Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah 

The year was 2006. The entry was from Finland. Don’t try to tell us you didn’t rock out to this at some point.