Here Are Four 1916 Bus Tours In Dublin That You Have To Check Out

These are definitely not just for tourists...

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The city is crawling with traffic of a different kind this weather – namely the flock of 1916 tour buses. 

They're cheap (mostly), informative, and an unbelievably cool way to see the city. And before you think otherwise, they're definitely not just for tourists. 

Treat yo'self and learn something new about our city's history – but be warned, they're not for the faint hearted...

1. The 1916 Rise of The Rebels Bus Tour

This tour is hosted by two professional actors, guiding you through the landmark locations in the city during Easter week 1916. They make it personal through the use of real testimonies from battle survivors.

Kitted out in period costume and travelling in an impressive double decker, it departs daily at 11am, 2pm and 7.30pm.

2. 1916 Freedom Tour

The Freedom Tour is a much more intimate feel, being held in a smaller military-style tour truck. It's perfect for those keen to hear intricate details of the Rising, including propaganda from the Church and the hidden lives of the 1916 heroes. 

The tour boasts audio clips and new footage from the time, as well as a guide and driver in period costume – complete with replica weapons.

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3. The 1916 Easter Rising Coach Tour

The coach tour has the potential to be the funniest of the lot, with typical Dublin humour mixed in with the rich history of the time. A winning combination for those of you who don't take these things too seriously.

It spans an hour and a half, covering pretty much everything there is to be covered, and it begins and ends at the beautiful Garden of Remembrance.

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4. Dublin Bus 1916 Tour: Beyond the Barricades

This tour takes you back to the Rising on a 90-minute tour of the key locations of the Rebellion, telling (and sometimes, screaming) stories about the rebels along the way. 

The whole thing is fronted by a troupe of professional actors from the wonderful Anu productions – a company specialising in historical theatre – giving you a real insight to the atmosphere of the time.

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