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The Definitive Ranking Of Every Corrs Single, Ranked From Worst To Best

By aidan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Everyone’s favourite Irish family musical sensation, The Corrs (sorry, Crystal Swing), are taking Dublin’s 3Arena by storm tonight for the comeback we’ve all been waiting for.

With such a night full of hits before us, it's gotten us thinking, just what ARE The Corrs best tunes?

So, we took a in the Lovin Dublin offices, covering all Corrs singles that made some sort of impact on the UK and Ireland. Although, to be fair, most of them are bangers anyway..

16. Would You Be Happier

A rare dud amongst their singles collection – and the last of their singles to make any significant impact on the UK or Irish charts, all the way back in 2004.

For context, that's back when everyone thought Bertie was amazing. That long.

15. The Right Time

The limpest single released off their cracking debut album – decent by anyone else's standards, but guys, you can do better. 

Actually sounds a bit like the above entry. We'll call that sound 'Corrs Lite'.

14. Closer

Had kinda forgotten about this one, to be quite honest.

13. Only When I Sleep

The lead single from their sophomore album, this loses points for using pretty much the exact same violin solo as their cover of Dreams.

12. Old Town

A solid Phil Lynott cover – it pissed a lot of purists off, but actually sounded grand.

11. Give Me A Reason

Mid-table obscurity – here and in the charts, where it reached an unimpressive number 27 in the UK.

10. Dreams

You can't go wrong with a Fleetwood Mac cover, really, and the guys sure as hell didn't – introducing a whole new generation to the band in the process.

9. Love To Love You

Unremarkable verses, but a chorus that would make a stone smile.

8. What Can I Do

Two versions here – a fairly uninteresting original, followed up by a cracking Tin Tin Out remix featuring a weird, synthy intro that sounded like the Rugrats theme song.

7. Irresistible

Easy to get confused with Breathless, and very typical of their sound around this time – but a far cry from Corrs Lite all the same. Tune.

6. Radio

A worthy addition to the oddly populated genre of 'Songs About the Radio'.

5. Breathless

Perhaps a controversial one to go in at a lowly five, since it was their first and only UK number one. But just wait until you see what lurks on top of these charts...

4. So Young

Whether it was the remix or the original, this song was bursting with so much energy it was rumoured to have powered the band's home town of Dundalk for all of 1998.

3. Forgiven, Not Forgotten

The song that showed us that these guys were no flashes in the pan – they were here to stay. Enduring, tuneful and generally wonderful.

2. I Never Loved You Anyway

"You're watching MTV while I lie dreaming in an MT bed."

Oh the sheer levels of SHADE in this song. Whoever it was written about still probably hasn't recovered.

1. Runaway

We're not saying they peaked too early or anything, but they really did never quite match the debut single that made a nation fall in love with them.

The melody, the performance, the way they crafted out a sound that they instantly owned – it's pretty much perfect. So it was only right that it would, um, Runaway with this title...


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