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The Emotional Journey You Go Through While Watching 'The Late Late Show'

By fiodhna_hm

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


It's Friday night, and instead of heading for a few scoops you decided to stay in.

You're chilling on the couch, half watching The Late Late, half glancing at your phone scrolling through Facebook or Twitter.

Here are some of the emotions you may be experiencing, or thoughts you may be having on your Friday evening in.


1. OH MY GOD, am I turning into my parents?


2. Hmmm... Do you reckon I would still make the offo?


3. Sometime around the second ad break a serious dose of FOMO sets in when you open a Snapchat of all your mates out on a mad one


4. "Who the bejaysus is that?" in relation to every guest that comes out to talk to Tubs


5. Wow, I'm so jealous that everyone in the audience got a free 16 pack of nappies...


6. Actually, no wait, now I actually am so jealous - they all just got a free weekend away in some hotel?!


7. You Google 'How to get tickets to the Late Late Show' in the hopes of getting some free ones for next week


8. It's getting late, and Ryan has wrapped things up, so you toddle off to bed, feeling decidedly smug that you won't be hungover tomorrow

And that, maybe, just maybe you'll win loads of free shit next week as an audience member of The Late Late.


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