With A HD Camera, Smart Sensors And App Control, Is The June Oven The Future Of Home Cooking?

This looks like a real game-changer

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I'm always sceptical about technology in the kitchen.

After all, a lot has been promised over the years – and endless gadgets and gimmicks have proclaimed to be game-changers – but ultimately, the skill of the chef is what determines the end result.

Cookbooks or recipe sites like ours might help people, but no matter how much guidance you get, cooking things like a whole roast turkey or gently baking a creme brulee isn't the easiest skill to learn.

Today though I spotted the June Oven, which looks like it could be something incredibly useful for home cooks in particular. It's part of a huge space that techies are calling the "connected home" – a good example of which is the Nest thermostat.


The June oven has everything from a HD camera, which connects up to a database of foods that it will recognise by sight and help you cook to perfection. It also has a series of apps that act as a remote control for the oven.

It might not be the June Oven that ultimately wins this space but I do think the kitchen is going to be a place full of computers within a couple of years – and this development certainly fixes a lot of the problems that home chefs currently have. An interesting space to keep an eye on.

It's available for pre-order now, it will ship next spring, and it comes in at about $1,500. Pricey, but intriguing.

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Niall Harbison

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