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The One Thing To Watch On The RTÉ Player Tonight – OCD and ME

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Last night a show called ‘OCD and Me’ aired on RTÉ One. The show is the first in a series of documentaries looking at Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which is listed by the World Health Organisation as one of the ten most debilitating illnesses. Last night’s episode interviews Jacob Billsborough, a 25 year old artists from Dublin who suffers from the illness. He speaks candidly about his experiences with it in his day to day life, his artwork and just how annoying it is when people use being OCD as an insult or joke. It makes for very interesting television, and the programme will be a real eye-opener for anyone who doesn’t know anything about OCD. Definitely check it out on RTÉ Player this evening if you’re looking for something good to watch!

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