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20th Dec 2016

The Rubberbandits Have Just Had Their Typically Brilliant Say On The David Cameron ‘Piggate’ Scandal


The Rubberbandits prove once again that they’re more than just a couple of jokers with their latest Facebook post commenting on David Cameron’s ‘Piggate’ scandal.

If you haven’t heard about these accusations, a newly published book claimed that, during his university years, Britain’s prime minister placed his knob in a pig’s mouth while smoking a fat spliff. Yeah.

While pretty much everybody was having a good auld laugh about it this morning, surprisingly, it took a couple of Limerick comedians to present a sober response to the situation. Check out their Facebook post below.

I’m waiting for a journalist to talk about the real reason David Cameron stuck his mickey in a pigs mouth. Here’s why….

Posted by Rubberbandits on Monday, 21 September 2015

If you follow the masked comedians on social media, you’ll probably be aware that they don’t only post hilarious statuses, but often very insightful and socially conscious ones as well.

It’s really worth following their Facebook page here.

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