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The World Is Going Mad - Pepsi Introduce New "Craft Cola"

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Consumers around the world right now are changing when it comes to food and drink. We've moved from the days where bigger was better to a world where markets are starting to be dominated by "craft". The most obvious example is beer but it's also happening to butchers and farmers markets with people now willing to pay a premium for what they perceive as a better product. For the most part thats a good thing and I support it. Things have just gone a step too far with a new product released by Pepsi in the USA called Caleb's Kola,  which they are marketing as a proper "craft cola".

I've never heard such bullshit in my life. I have noticed a few of the hipper places around town trying to either not offer Coke (or Pepsi) or offer up alternatives. This does nothing but piss me off. I think we are all aware that Coke is horrendous for you and that we shouldn't be drinking 10 cans a day but if I'm having a Coke with my lunch I want the real deal with 9 cubes of sugar or whatever it is


Pepsi say about this one...

Cheers to the beginning of something really special. Kola nut extract, Fair Trade Cane Sugar and sparkling water come together to bring you the coolest thing since ice. Enjoy! #CalebsKola#HonorInCraft

Now I'm sorry but I know this is going to taste like shit. Also what the fuck is a craft cola? I'm sure their market research is telling them that people are now worried about sugar and moving to craft everything but I'm not buying it. This might get a few worried moms buying it for their kids or a few hippies who think they are fighting back against "the man" (which they aren't) but it is destined to fail in my opinion. Coke is bad for me just like fry ups and butter is but I'm big enough to decide when I have a can of it. Stop coming up with this stupid shit because there is a reason why Coke (and Pepsi) are among the biggest consumer brands in the world and have been for decades. Because its gorgeous just as it is. 


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