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20th Dec 2016

There’s A New Creperie And Ice Cream Shop Opened In Temple Bar And It Looks Sensational


Located on the corner of Cows Lane and Essex Street West, opposite Smock Alley Theatre is a new haven for all things delicious. 

Only open a fortnight, this deliciousy tasty haunt is called The West End, and is the answer to all of your dairy-filled, cream-cheese stuffed and cherry-on-top prayers.  

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And if crepes aren’t your thing, then don’t fret. They have a whole list of delicious options ready for you to devour. 

Co-owner Dominika Skorwider informed us of their incredible spread. 

We specialise in crepes, waffles, ice cream, desserts, juices, smoothies, milkshakes, hot chocolates from Italy and tea and coffee.

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They open from 9am – 7pm everyday or sometimes even longer. In the summertime they plan on opening much later, so you can get your ice-cream fix around the clock. 

We applied for outside seating permission (that will take couples of weeks) and we have about 22-24 seating inside. Oh, and we do take away too! The Cafe is very bright, cozy and designed in old fashioned style. We called it The West End because the area is the west end of Temple Bar. 

We have a dream that The West End bring something positive to the area.

Well aren’t they just as sweet as their produce. 

Hit up The West End for some tasty tasty treats this winter, you certainly won’t regret it…

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