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These Are The Implications Brexit May Have For Ryanair

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Ryanair is one of the dozens of businesses that will most certainly be affected by Brexit. And since we’ve grown pretty fond of bagging cheap flights at the last minute, we’re pretty devastated. 

Speaking to RTÉ, Michael O’Leary has recently talked about the implications Brexit could have on the budget airline, highlighting the fact that flights between the UK and EU member states could possibly be suspended in due time. 

While there is an open skies policy currently in place, this may not be the case come March 2019. 

“In the airline industry, we could be heading for a very difficult divorce with Europe. There is a possibility, unlikely, but nevertheless a possibility that there may be no flights between the UK and Europe in March 2019 if the UK walks off this cliff that they seem determined to walk off.”

“We have to recognise the will of the the people, they did vote in a referendum, however they were fundamentally misled into believing they could leave Europe and nothing would change,” he said. “Everything is going to change, and probably for the worse”.

He also mentioned that he’s currently not planning to create employ any new recruits to the Ryanair team, due to the uncertainty Brexit has caused.

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