These Photos And Videos Prove That Storm Desmond Is Ripping The Arse Out Of Ireland

Think we'll be staying inside today...


Storm Desmond is kicking Ireland's arse at the minute.

It was only a few weeks ago that Storm Barney was messing with us big time, now we have another unassumingly-named tempest screwing with our weekend.

Since you're probably smart enough to stay indoors today, you may not have seen some of the scenes caused by the storm. Take a look below to see what state our country is in right now...

It's been making flying more hazardous since yesterday

There's havoc on the roads

Flooding around the country is ridiculous

Braving this weather has become a way to get an adrenaline kick

Coastal views are stunning but scary

A photo posted by The Academic (@theacademic) on

Even by Ireland's standards this is some horrendous weather

Of course, some people aren't letting the weather get the better of them

And others are still trying their best to put a positive spin on things

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