This Changes Everything – Introducing Cream Cheese Stuffed Bagels

How did we not think of this?

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We never get tired of seeing products re-invented and re-imagined in new ways. 

The cronut is the main example that springs to mind, but today we bring you news of yet another innovation coming from the States... the stuffed bagel.

They're made by a company in New York and after a test in 40 Starbuck's across New York (the spiritual home of the bagel), they've become so popular that they're now rolling out to over 500 stores across the USA.

Oh, and they look amazing...

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The great thing about this is that the company started on the American TV show Shark Tank which is their version of Dragon's Den.

All being well, they'll soon be stocked in 5,000 stores across the USA and are already appearing on airline menus. 

It's a brilliant story and we look forward to seeing them on this side of the Atlantic. Although bagel purists will no doubt cast scorn on this new product, I have to say I like the idea of all the work being done for me and not having to worry about spreading the cream cheese or other toppings. Way better for grabbing with a coffee on the run.

How did we not think of this? We could have been so rich!

Here's the Shark Tank update about the company and how they started...

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