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This Dublin-Based App Is Allowing People To Transfer Money To Others Instantly

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Waiting around for money to come into your account is about to become a thing of the past – as new kid on the block, Plynk, is set to make taking care of your finances much easier. 

Plynk was co-founded by two Irish guys trying to organise an effective person-to-person payment network, without the hassle of third parties. Similar to Venmo in the States, Plynk is a person-to-person network that gives people full control and transparency of their cashflow. 


Based in Dublin, this app sounds like a real game-changer.

Plynk is free (and we’re assured that it will always be) and available right now on both iOS and Android.

They’re present only operating in euros, but that’s set to change. And something that will tickle freelancers’ fancy in particular is that Plynk is planning to allow workers to use Plynk to talk directly to their customers and get paid instantly. 


For more information on Plynk, the wonder app, click right here

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