This Dubliner Carried A Bathtub To The Top Of Kilimanjaro For Charity

Because simply climbing Kilimanjaro would've been too easy


Dubliner Robbie Dowling has just completed a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro while carrying a bathtub on his back in order to raise funds for charity.

The man from Finglas carried the 7-stone tub, which he dubbed Sheila, on a gruelling 30 mile trek to the peak of Africa's highest mountain. Dowling told The about his journey.

It took me to the abyss and then some. And life is for living, not enduring [...] The desire to give up was a constant battle day by day. The heat inside the bath with no air circulation was almost a heart-stopping event.

Robbie Dowling

Despite the hardship of the trek, this will not be the 57 year old's last adventure, as he already has his sights set on carrying Sheila across the salt flats of Bolivia this October.


Pic: Robbie Dowling


Pic: Robbie Dowling


Pic: Robbie Dowling


Pic: Robbie Dowling


Pic: Robbie Dowling

Dowling performs these incredible feats of endurance in order to raise money for his Amazon Children charity. The charity aims to raise awareness for the Amazon river children and to build a medical centre on the river bank complete with twelve beds and a surgery.

To learn more about Dowling's charity organisation or to donate to Amazon Children, you can find it here.

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