This Guy Complained To Aldi About A Chocolate Digestive And Got An Amazing Response

Read the tragic tale of one man and his biscuit


This guy complained to Aldi about a chocolate digestive biscuit and got an amazing response from the Aldi team.

Englishman Darryl Reilly posted on the Aldi UK Facebook page to inform them of his shock and dismay at having discovered something very wrong with a chocolate digestive biscuit he bought at their shop. See his message below.


Pic: Aldi UK


The horror... Pic: Aldi UK

Darryl's tale of a ruined cuppa and a "foodgasm" lost gained massive support from his fellow Facebookers, gaining his post over 27,000 likes.

However, the Aldi UK team quickly came back with the perfect response.


Pic: Aldi UK

Well played, Aldi. Well played indeed.

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