This Has Gotta Hurt – Motorist Racks Up A €155K Bill From M50 Tolls



A man who travelled the M50 more than a thousand times last year, never once paid the toll and that it's added up to quite a pretty penny – he now owes a whopping €155,000.

He's not alone either, with hundreds of people who drove through the barrier-free collection point in 2014 also dodging the fee, costing the State approximately €5m in revenue. This fee evasion was made possible by the introduction of barrier-free 'eFlow' system in 2008 that sought to speed up the flow of traffic.

Unregistered users' toll fee starts at €3.10, while a driver's bill cannot exceed €152.60 for a single journey.

"However," the NRA's Sean O'Neill told the Irish Independent, "there is no cap on what a driver can owe if he makes multiple passages without paying."

Legal action is now being taken against the toll dodger, with the possibility of property repossession in order to cover costs. I think we can safely assume he is kicking himself quite hard at the moment.

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