This Irish Guy Requested A Picture Of John Hamm In His Hotel Room – And Got It

Because for a truly elegant hotel experience you need the "human version of Galaxy chocolate"


What really sets a hotel apart is its willingness to go that extra mile, meaning this hotel gets top marks.

While booking his stay in Malone Lodge recently, Andy Gaffney was filling out his details, when he came upon the request section. Being a man of singular tastes, Andy entered the following.


Presumably, he thought they would ignore this fairly bizarre request. But not Malone Lodge, oh no, this hotel really pulls out all the stops for its guests, as you can see.


The pleasantly surprised customer said,

Well I feel that a hotel stay should involve sophistication, elegance and charm. What better way to ensure this than when a hotel asks, "Any special requests?" on the online booking form to request a picture of the human version of Galaxy chocolate – Jon Hamm. My favourite part was how business-like the brilliant lady at reception was, "Now you're in room 14 and here is the picture of Jon Hamm you requested, have a lovely stay". A place that embraces a bit of a craic is rare and I will get anyone I know who is staying in Belfast to also stay in the Malone Lodge. As long as they ask for a picture of Jon Hamm.

Well, we know where we're staying the next time we're in Belfast.

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