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This Is A List Of The Top Reasons Irish Couples Row

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What better time to talk about what really makes couples tick than on the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day.

Jury’s Inn has only gone and compiled some pretty interesting statistics that shows singletons around the country just what you’re avoiding if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone this year. 

According to Breaking News, 61% of couples row on an extremely regular basis, with Irish couples having on average six arguments per month.


Lack of communication falls highly on the list, with a common complaint being that they don’t listen to one another. 

The argument list in its entirety is as follows:

·         Finances/bills (23%);

·         Partners not pulling their weight around the house (23%);

·         Taking each other for granted (22%);

·         Relatives and in-laws (18%);

·         Spending too much money (14%);

·         Constant nagging (13%);

·         How to raise/discipline the children (11%)

·         Drinking too much (11%);

·         Snoring (9%);

·         What to watch on TV (5%).

Bloody hell.

Can you say that you’re surprised with the findings?

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