This WiFi Name In Drumcondra Is Quite Possibly The Best One We've Seen Yet

Even better than 'Pretty Fly For A WiFi'


Important breaking news for you all tonight.

We've seen some absolutely excellent WiFi names in our time – 'Pretty Fly For A WiFi', 'You Kids Get Off My LAN', 'Tell My WiFi Love Her', etc.

And maybe it's because of the retrotastic reference – or maybe it's because it's just genius – but this one we spotted tonight in Drumcondra just takes the biscuit.

Better still – we don't even have to read the whole name to know what they're getting at. Because once you've seen this one...

Wait for it...


Anonymous Drumcondra resident... we salute you.

(Plus – also good to know that Café By Day has free WiFi. The more you know, eh?)

Written By

Aidan Coughlan