Tired All The Time? There Could Be A Very Easy Way To Fix That

And it doesn't involve sacrificing pints or good telly for early nights in the leaba


Put down that coffee!

There's a much better way to shake off that feeling that you didn't get quite enough sleep – and it's as simple as heading to the tap and pouring yourself a lovely, free* glass of water.

According to a group of British GPs, quizzed for a survey by the Natural Hydration Council in the UK, one in five visits to practices are accounted for by tiredness and fatigue – and of that number, one in 10 are down to a lack of water. That's one in 50 people – which might not sound like much, but when you consider that these are just the people for whom the fatigue merited a doctor's visit, it's pretty insane.

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So the message is clear – drink up to perk up.

And now, in the spirit of looking out for you guys as we do, here's a few water gifs that will make you thirsty enough to go to the tap and do what you need to do to protect your health.

You're all very welcome.


* Let's not go there, okay?