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20th Dec 2016

Today Is The Last Day Of TXFM And Everyone Is Feeling Very Emotional


If you’re a music fan, chances are that you’ve been an avid listener of TXFM.

The station, which stemmed from Phantom 102.5, always stood out in a sea of chart music and unimaginative playlists and has grown a hugely committed fan base over the past number of years.

So, it was with widespread devastation that we heard back in March that the radio station would not be applying to renew its license.

Today marks the last day that the station will be in operation, with TXFM officially going off air at 8pm tonight.

The team, including John Caddell, Claire Beck, Cathal Funge and Joe Donnelly, have been counting down to the closure all week and it’s fair to say that emotions are running high.

Amidst the disappointment, there was a lovely moment yesterday when singer John Grant surprised Beck by appearing at the TXFM studio during her show.

The station has been inundated with messages to mark the end of an era so if you’re mourning the loss today, you’re certainly not alone…

Thanks for the tunes, folks. You’ll be missed.

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