Watch Enda Completely Fluff His Handshake With Obama (Then Try To Cover It Up)


When the Taoiseach travels over to the USA for St Patrick's day every year he has a few ceremonial jobs to complete and photos to take.

The few days tend to culminate in the prime photo opportunity of shaking the American President's hand for the cameras and talking to reporters in a lighthearted manner.

That is where it unfortunately all went wrong for poor old Enda and he was left red-faced when he was meant to be looking statesmanlike...

That horrible moment when it all goes pear shaped in the White House...


"Well how the hell are you Mr Obama?"


"Ooh too late, now I've pulled it back now and... ah crap"


"I'll just do what everybody else does and look at my hands intently and hope nobody saw that. Grand so."


Written By

Niall Harbison

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