We Can All Stop Dreaming – Prosecco-Flavoured Crisps Are Now A Real-Life Thing

Oh lord


It's hot as hell at the moment but that hasn't stopped M&S trying to get us into the festive spirit.

Unveiling a line of goodies that will be in shops this Christmas season, the store made a few eyebrows positively arch with its proposed Prosecco-flavoured crisps.

Made with a kind of pink glitter, the crisps are designed to fizz in your mouth as if you're sipping a tall glass of the good stuff. Only, y'know, you're actually eating a bag of crisps.

We can see how this idea was pitched, someone in an M&S boardroom was like, "You like Prosecco, right? And everybody likes crisps. Well this idea may just knock your socks off..."

This isn't the only festive hybrid that M&S's mad scientists have cooked up this year, with the likes of Brussel Sprout Bangers and Brusselmole – a Brussel sprout/guacamole pairing – due to hit shelves as well.

With all this pushing of the sprout, M&S is clearly channeling its inner Christmas mammy.


Pic: @concraigsmith

We'll have to see how these concoctions actually pan out – though they'll have a tough time knocking Skips off their perch.

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