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20th Dec 2016

A Dummies Guide To Welsh Slang Ahead Of Ireland Vs Wales Today


Today, Ireland take on Wales, and the whole nation holds their breath to see if we can stay on track for the Grand Slam. With a ton of our supporters over in Cardiff for the match, we’ve put together a handy vocabulary guide of Welsh slang for anyone looking to blend in with the locals. Shouts to Laura Jane Jones for giving us the insider info

  • If you have too many pints at the match and you end up hammered, say “I was absolutely steaming” or “I’m blotto”
  • The Welsh don’t go out on the piss like the Irish, instead they go out on the lash
  • Asking someone ‘Will you shift my friend?’ will fall on very confused ears in Wales, and score is just the result of a match: ‘necking on’ is the term that you want
  • As before, you don’t get the ride in Cardiff, you shag someone, so make sure you avoid saying ride – we don’t want to cause any confusion.
  • If you’re looking for someone to cuddle, or someone to be your big spoon ask them if they want to cwtch (pronounced kutch). It literally means ‘safe place’ like a cubbyhole, but can be used to suggest snuggles too.
  • In terms of describing someone as hot or an absolute babe, the word you’re looking for in Wales is ‘lush’. It can be used for everything from a plate of food, to a dog, to the love of your life, to a shade of lipstick. Use it liberally.
  • If you want to describe someone that you don’t find attractive, and you’re feeling a bit mean substitute the word ugly with ‘buzzin’ or ‘bumpin’. Just refrain from saying ‘I was buzzin last night!’ until you touch back down on Irish soil.

  • So your friend rings you with amazing plans for the evening, and instead of saying awesome you respond positively with ‘bangin’ or ‘tidy’.

  • In Ireland we go on the sesh with our friends or our mates, but in Wales you go one a mad one with your butts… Yep, one friend? Butt. Multiple friends? Butts. You couldn’t make this shit up….

  • The word mingin crept into our vocabulary sometime towards the end of the 90s, but the Welsh are still using it and they pronounce every single letter: ming-ING. Say it loudly, and with great disdain.
  • If something’s completely ridiculous or mental say ‘that’s clean off!’, the jaws of all locals in the vicinity will drop at how savvy you are with Welsh slang.
  • If you’re sitting beside an absolute dope during the match, instead of calling the stupid say the’re twp (pronounced tup) – just don’t blame us if you end up in a fight!
  • We’re hoping that the Welsh will be absolutely ragin’ at the final score today, but they’d describe that as ‘tampin’. Fingers crossed, anyhow!

Come on Ireland – make us proud today, lads!