We're Not Sure If This New-Look Grand Canal Is Utterly Revolting Or Artistically Wonderful

Can't... Look... Away...

Take a look below for a couple of pictures taken of a thoroughly clogged Grand Canal.

Weirdly enough, it looks so sick that it's actually become kind of visually interesting. Maybe it's the resemblance to the slime that used to get poured on grown-ups during 1990s TV shows, or maybe it's a throwback to the turpentine dip-dye art we did in primary school... but for some reason we can't take our eyes off it.


Snapped by Sheila and sent into Broadsheet, the pictures were taken today at La Touche Bridge in Portobello. Sheila writes: "It's almost a work of art..."

Almost indeed.

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Seán Kenehan

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