Wonderful Video Features John Mooney From Cricket Ireland Talking About Depression And Alcohol Issues


We do as much as we can to talk about the difficult issues of mental health and alcoholism here on the site. I've spoken about my own battles with both in the past, and at the Lovin Dublin Live event Bressie gave an amazing talk which has since been watched by over a million people.

I noticed last week that the whole discussion around mental health was back in the spotlight following the German plane crash. The pilot reportedly suffered from depression and a lot of the media commentary around the subject was pretty lazy, and I know it annoyed many who suffer from depression to be painted in that light.

So when I saw this John Mooney video this morning, I was delighted with the timing of it. He is a Cricket Ireland star, just back from the World Cup and he has battled booze and depression his entire life. He opens up about both topics in a really honest and brave interview. The more we get of this the better. Hats off to him...

Here is the Bressie talk from last year...