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20th Dec 2016

13 Tweets That Are Far Too Real If You’re Just Not A Morning Person


Mornings can be grim. I mean, we all aspire to be those bright, sparkly humans who leap out of bed at 6am and do a workout before going to work or college. 

But, let’s be real: sometimes the slug life chooses you.

Here are 13 tweets that will be painfully accurate for anyone in a hate/hate relationship with their morning alarm…

1. Questioning when you will see your one true love (Bed) again

2. When the shower is the only warm place in your gaff

3. Commuting woes

4. When someone interrupts your precious sleep

5. Feeling shady towards anyone who seems happy to be out of bed

6. When you’re body has different ideas about the amount of sleep you need

7. When you’re CLEARLY listening to your tunes but some guy who you had one tutorial with in first year plonks himself down in the seat beside you

8. Daylight saving time certainly doesn’t help matters

9. And you begin to question whether it’s night or day

10. Before becoming passive aggressive and a delight to be around

11. And naps are a whole other can of worms

12. Plus waking up from dehydrated sleeps is just the worst

13. But in reality, we’re know that we’re the problem, not the mornings…

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