10 of the tastiest toastie spots in Dublin

By Fiona Frawley

May 10, 2022 at 5:36pm


Toasties are the ultimate comfort food: A thesis.

There's really no scenario in which a toastie isn't appropriate.

Hungover? Toastie. Quick lunch break? Toastie. The morning of your wedding? Honestly, there's probably still time for a quick ham and cheese.

If you've returned to work in the office recently and are wondering where the best places in town are for a melty, comforting sambo, we've got you covered with this list of some of our absolute favourites.

Loose Canon, Drury Street

Known and adored for its extensive wine selection and second-to-none people watching potential, Loose Canon also serves up some of the tastiest toasties you'll come across. Oozing with melty cheese from some of Ireland's best food suppliers, lovingly topped with bechamel and grilled to perfection - the ideal accompaniment to your glass of vino.

Meltdown, Montague Street and Leeson Street

Meltdown are honestly wizards when it comes to putting things between two slices of bread. At their two central spots you'll find sambos filled with anything from mac & cheese to candied bacon and kimchi, with their own homemade hot sauce to accompany.

Bibi's Cafe, Portobello and Dun Laoghaire


One of the OG Dublin toastie spots, Bibi's cheese and chorizo classic is perfect for dunking into a cup of soup while soaking up the glorious Dublin 8 or seaside vibes, whichever you're in the mood for.

Day n Night, Denmark Street Great

A new addition to the toastie scene, along with delicious ramen and dumplings Day n Night also serve up "nostalgic Korean toasties" filled with everything from caviar to Beef Bulgogi. Have a look at our recent visit to them HERE.

Toons Bridge Dairy, Serpentine Avenue

Toons Bridge hand-make all their cheeses in the small village of Toonsbridge, West Cork and they're then transformed into toastie magic at their D4 deli. Grilled to perfection every time.

Vegan Sandwich Co, Smithfield and Stephens Green

We didn't forget you, plant based kings and queens. Along with fast food staples like taco fries, mozzarella dippers and breakie rolls, Vegan Sandwich Co have an excellent toastie selection oozing with meat free goodness and crying out to be enjoyed.


147 Deli, Parnell Street

As one toastie lover commented under this particular pic on Instagram:

I would quite happily leave my family and run away with this sandwich and have lots of little illegitimate sandwich babies. Then, I'd probably end up eating that family and come crawling back to my original family with a full belly and a smile on my face.

That really says it all, to be fair.

Hush, Rathmines

This neighbourhood sambo and burger spot is the brainchild of chef Jules Mak, and is probably best known for its infamous wagyu beef sandwich which came in at a cool €90 (and still sold out completely, might I add).

Their old reliable ham & cheese will put less of a dent in your pocket and still provide you with the melty deliciousness you've been craving.


Griolladh, various locations

You'll find Griolladh's toasted delights on Thomas Street, Malahide, Grand Canal Dock and Swords. Don't leave without trying the gravy mayo sauce.


Grogan's Castle Lounge, South William Street

The last word in Dublin toasties. If you're only visiting for a weekend, you're contractually obliged to get yourself into Grogans for a ham and cheese, washed down with a creamy pint of plain. It's a rite of passage, and must be respected as such.

Did we miss out your favourite toastie spot? Let us know and we'll add it to the list!

Header image via Instagram/loosecanonwineandcheese

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