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04th Nov 2021

22 of Dublin’s best sausage rolls as voted by you!

Lynda Keogh

The humble sausage roll; a buttery, flakey pastry parcel of heaven. Is there ever a bad time for a sausage roll? No, no there is not.

Whether you’re hungover, having a bad day, celebrating the end of a tough week in work or plain ordinary just feel like it – a sausage roll (or two) always hits the spot juuuuust right.

Last week, on our Instagram page we shared ten whopper sausage rolls in Dublin. You guys commented on our socials that other spots should be included, but alas we can only fit 10 in an Instagram carousel.. So what better place to share all of your faves but right here!

1) Green Bench Cafe

Green Bench has become synonymous with ‘Sausage Roll Friday’. If you’ve ever had a corporate job, worked in and around the D2 area and had a hangover on a Friday morning – you know. These bad boys are the actual cure.

2) Bread 41

A very reliable spot for Saturday morning pick-me-ups and pastries, Bread 41 also serve up delish sausage rolls. They even make sure that the veggies don’t go roll-less and have created a vegetarian sausage roll. Pick one of these bites of heaven, and why not get a sweet pastry for brunch-dessert?

3) Love Supreme

Would it be cheesy to say we’ve a supreme amount of love for these guys? Probably.. But, hey – we can’t help ourselves. These sausage rolls are cracker, if you find yourself out the StoneyB way – get on it.

4) Silverspoon Castleknock

This spot came very highly recommended by our Facebook crew. If you’re out the D15 way, and have a hankering for a sausage roll – you should definitely try this place out!

5) Minetta Deli

We’ve been told that Minetta’s sausage rolls always sell out, so you have to be quick to nab yourself a few of these scrumptious sossies. Classic and veggie options available!

6) Legit Coffee Co

As their name might suggest, these guys are pure legit. Everything Legit serve up is actually legit, and their sausage rolls are no different. Must try.

7) Rigger’s D8 

This spot has become an Inchicore institution. Again, Rigger’s was another highly recommended spot from our Instagram followers, and when it comes to hot spots – we trust them completely.

8) The Wooden Spoon Blackrock 

Grab one of these delicious sausage rolls,  a cuppa coffee and head to the seafront. Sit back, enjoy and go back for seconds!

9) Honey Truffle Kitchen

Pick up one of these puffed parcels of pastry perfection. You won’t regret it, these are fab.

10) Hole in the Wall

These sausage rolls are massive, so make sure you go hungry! One of these and a walk in the park, and you’ve got the makings of a pretty decent weekend right there.

11) Strudel

If you’re in the Dun Laoghaire area and haven’t tried Strudel, are you okay hun? Let’s talk sausage rolls. These sausage rolls are delish. Feeling adventurous? Try one of their ‘Frankfurter Thingys’.

12) Couple of Coffees

Relatively new, Couple of Coffees has come highly recommended by one of our Lovin colleagues – and so has their vegan sausage roll. They of course also serve up the classic pork version. Soooo tasty.

13) Lott’s & Co

You’ll want Lott’s and Lott’s of these.. Pun very much intended, because it’s true.

14) Lolly & Cooks

Lolly and Cooks have named their sausage rolls – savage rolls, and we would have to agree.

14) Casa Clontarf

Casa Clontarf came as another suggestion from our pals over on our socials, and we’re only dying to try them!

15) Brew Barberista 

Need a short back and sides? And a coffee while you’re at it? No better place. We would recommend teaming a flat white with one of these delish sausage rolls from Pie Man Cafe.

16) Fat Cat Cafe

Rathgar pals have said that The Fat Cat Cafe is the place to grab a Saturday morning sausage roll.

17) Baa Baa Cafe

This is gem of cafe in Chapelizod with a great selection of cakes, coffees and other snacks. Again, another Lovin team member swears by these sausage rolls to cure the Monday blues or for a midweek pick me up.

18) Grove Road

Black pudding sausage rolls. We really don’t need to say too much more. We’ll take two!

19) Margadh

If you’re in Howth, our followers have recommended Margadh. Simple, tasty perfection. Yum!!

20) Container Coffee

These guys have such a great selection of treats – sausage rolls included. From bacon and Ballymaloe combos to pear and black pudding, and even vegan sausage roll options; you’ll have to keep going back to try them all!

21) Noshington Cafe 

We just can’t say no to these sausage rolls, and you guys agreed!

22) Pigeon House Clontarf

Let’s keep it straight up, no messing around – its a solid yes from us for these big boys. Like, just look at that pastry!

(header pic: @lottsandco)

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