Dublin business launches 'lactation cookies' believed to enhance breast milk supply

By Fiona Frawley

February 22, 2023 at 3:07pm


The treats promise to nourish breastfeeding mothers and help with milk supply.

If you're a breastfeeding parent and worry about getting the nourishment you need, Rua Food may just have the solution.

The Dublin-based wholefood business have created a new Lactation Cookie, which they say supports busy breastfeeding mothers and is believed to help them increase the supply of milk for their infants.

The cookies have been released to the masses after Rua’s Owner and Ballymaloe-trained Head Chef, Alice Tevlin originally came up with the recipe to assist her own breastfeeding journey.

Speaking about the sweet treats, which are plant-based and gluten free, Alice said:


"During the blurry early, often very challenging, days of breastfeeding, I relied on these cookies to help nourish me, feed the ravenous sweet tooth that comes with having a baby, and increase my milk supply. I kept a big batch in the freezer and snacked on cookies during the day and long nights".

Alice used the lactation cookies while breastfeeding her own son, Kitt.  

It's not just Alice the cookies have worked for - strong anecdotal evidence also supports claims that the ‘Lactation Cookies’ do indeed help increase the supply of breast milk. The science behind them is that they contain key ‘galactagogues’; substances which aid the initiation and maintenance of milk supply at a level which meets the needs of the baby.

Rua’s Chocolate Oatmeal ‘Lactation’ Cookies are a mixture of Irish Oats, Linseed (Golden Flaxseed) and Brewer’s Yeast from the Wicklow Hops Company. Brewer’s Yeast is a super food that’s a good source of B vitamins and trace minerals, chromium and selenium, which are believed to help to promote the production of breast milk. It's said to naturally increase energy and mood levels too.

The cookies contain key ‘galactagogues’ to increase energy and boost mood levels. 

The cookies are available in a number of stores across Dublin including The Little Cactus in Stoneybatter, Flower and Bean on Cork Street and Lennox Street Grocer in Portobello, and can also be ordered online HERE.

Header image via Rua Foods 

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