Survey reveals it costs more to eat out in Dublin than in Paris or London

By Katy Thornton

February 22, 2023 at 1:08pm




In a recent study that found Dublin to be one of the top European cities for foodies, it also found that Dublin is one of the most expensive cities to eat out.

The study, conducted by casino review site Bonusetu, gathered data for all 44 European capital cities to create their Foodie Index Score. Dublin placed 10th on this list with a Foodie Index Score of 54.99 out of 100. Our fair city has an average of 51.47 restaurants per square mile, 22.03% of which offer vegan options. It also has 0.79 Michelin stars per square mile and 148 cuisines on offer.

However, foodies visiting Dublin can expect to spend a pretty penny on dinner, with it costing an average of €80 for a three-course meal for two people. This comes in as more expensive than Paris (€60), London (€78), and Rome (€70). Only two cities in the foodie list are more expensive than Dublin for a three course meal and they are Monaco, which costs €100 on average, and Copenhagen which costs €107. While those two cities would be expected to cost more than Dublin, and do so significantly, it's wild that Dublin comes in joint third place with Luxembourg, even if they do only beat out London by €2.

In comparison, Valletta, who came in as the top foodie city in Europe, costs €75 on average for a three course meal. They achieved a foodie index score of 78.36 out of 100, due to the amount of restaurants in this relatively small capital city. They also widely cater for vegans, and it has a high number of Michelin Guide restaurants relative to its size, with 41.67 Michelin Guide restaurants per square mile.

You can check out the full ranking below.

These are the top 20 European foodie cities:


1. Valletta

2. Paris

3. Athens

4. Brussels

5. Lisbon

6. London

7. Amsterdam


8. Madrid

9. Monaco

10. Dublin

11. Berlin

12. Stockholm

13. Prague

14. Budapest


15. Vienna

16. Rome

17. Copenhagen

18. Luxembourg

19. Belgrade

20. Warsaw

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