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20th Apr 2021

Dublin publicans issue statement calling for all pubs to resume indoor service in June

James Fenton

Dublin publicans have launched a ‘call to action’ to push for outdoor services for all pubs from late May.

In a statement marking 400 days of closure for traditional pubs, the Licensed Vintners Association have called for a return of outdoor service for all pubs from late May and for indoor service to resume in June, in line with a potential reopening of hotels.

The statement says that ‘pubs across Ireland shut their doors on March 15 last year and Dublin’s traditional pubs have been prevented from opening for a single day since. They represent one third of the pubs in the capital. In that period, the Republic of Ireland has experienced the most severe hospitality closure in Europe.

‘The LVA is urging publicans across Dublin to mark the day by contacting their local political representatives and urging them to ensure all pubs – traditional and gastro – as well as other hospitality venues can start providing outdoor service from the week beginning 24th May. Outdoor activity is widely acknowledged as being relatively safe and the LVA believes the end of May represents a reasonable timeframe for this activity to recommence.’

Other points the LVA wish to be highlighted are as follows:

  • The reopening in Northern Ireland and Britain will see all types of hospitality venue treated the same.
  • Indoor service for all hospitality businesses in Northern Ireland commences on 24 May, the same day as the LVA proposes outdoor service to resume in the Republic.
  • Any long delays between the reopening of hospitality in Northern Ireland and the Republic will inevitably lead to thousands of people crossing the Border every week to make use of pubs and restaurants.
  • The risk profile for drinking or dining indoors is the same for all forms of hospitality venue – whether it is in traditional pubs, gastropubs, restaurants or hotels.
  • If hotels are to reopen in June, they will have to be able to provide indoor service for their guests. At that time indoor service across all forms of hospitality should resume.
  • Any move to advance the reopening of certain sections of hospitality over others will be regarded as a discriminatory choice made by Government which will not be accepted.
  • All hospitality should Open Together.

You can read the LVA statement in full via this link.

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