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11th Jan 2020

Dublin pub’s pint and stew deal proves incredibly popular

Darragh Murphy

Stew and pint for a tenner

It’s certainly the right time of year to put on a pint and stew offer.

With temperatures continuing to fluctuate and plenty of rain and wind expected in Dublin over the coming week, why not escape the conditions and warm yourself up with the delicious combination of a pint and bowl of stew?

O’Shea’s of Talbot Street have a fantastic deal which has proved quite popular among customers as you can get a pint and a bowl of steaming hot stew for just €10.

The deal is in place in O’Shea’s every day but, according to those working in the pub, it is particularly popular on match days.

Considering that most pints in or around Dublin City cost in excess of a fiver, we can’t blame customers for availing of the offer to add a spot of stew to their visit for just a few quid.

The deal caught our eye when O’Shea’s advertised their screening of the Leinster’s Champions Cup clash with Lyon on Sunday afternoon, with kick-off scheduled for 1pm.

We reached out to the family-run pub to ask whether the offer was only in place for Sundays or match days and they assured us that it is actually on all week long, although they do tend to publicise it more around big sporting events.

Match, pint, stew? Sounds fantastic to us!