Food, drink, culture: What I did in Dublin in March

By Katy Thornton

March 31, 2022 at 9:39am


What I've come to discover about myself is that I'm a big fan of a toastie sambo now.

Another month in Dublin has passed, and while I made to trips away, one to sunny Belfast, and one to Amsterdam, I still made time to visit a few spots right here. From a fancy tasting menu at Six By Nico, to the fleeting return of iced coffee season, to some mouth watering huevos rancheros, I was well fed to say the least. With being off on my travels there was less time for activities, but I did manage a hike up one of Dublin's finest trails, and like every other person, made it a priority to see The Batman.

31 Lennox

Location: Portobello

I wrote up a full review of 31 Lennox HERE if you're curious about my overall thoughts, but long story short, this Confit Duck Leg Mac N Cheese was 10/10 chef's kiss, and I highly recommend it.

Barry and Browne

Location: Carrickmines

One of my all time favourite spots, I discovered Barry and Browne in Carrickmines one day while queueing for the ever busy Vanilla Pod. Lacking patience, and feeling hanger coming on, I changed course, sitting in Barry and Browne, and it was a fantastic decision. I've been countless times since, and highly recommend people try it. This weekend I got their cajun chicken ciabatta with some side salad, and a lovely oat milk flat white. However, I've tried many items on their menu before, and can assure you that I have never been disappointed.

Howard's Way


Location: Churchtown

I dined out for lunch a lot this month, and was buzzing to try Howard's Way again, a café tucked into Churchtown, easily missed. I got the chicken wrap that came with this generous portion of chips and a salad, and for €12, I was incredibly satisfied with my meal.

Six By Nico

Location: Molesworth Place

Having drooled over The Chipper Menu and the Once Upon a Time Menu, I was delighted to get the opportunity to enjoy the first day of Six By Nico's Ancient Rome theme. It was difficult to choose a favourite dish, but the FROM EGGS TO NUTS second course with crispy egg and white asparagus was high up there. My next favourite was CAVOLO HISPI ARROSTITO, which was covered in cheese, and then the honey and cheese sixth course. The wine pairing was also delicious although next time I'd likely just order a bottle to share.

Cosy Bean

Location: Churchtown

Much as I want to go on about their almond croissants for the 15th time, I'll restrain myself and instead discuss their sambos. I went for a chicken and stuffing sandwich when meeting a friend for lunch recently and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Because I don't eat pork I'm often left with only sandwich choice, but this one was very good. The bread comes from Bread 41, and their sambos are made up by Jack Rabbittes, which operates outside of Churchtown Stores.


Rancheros Taqueria

Location: Sandyford 

While I was devastated when the former Square One was taken over last year, I have become quite the fan of what took its place, Rancheros Taqueria. The Huevos Rancheros as pictured below were just perfect; an ideal brunch for a scorching Saturday afternoon. They have all the classic brunch bits including french toast and pancakes, as well as eggs.

Trip to Belfast

Due to a few days away in Belfast, I missed out on trying things in Dublin. However, I enjoyed a few lovely meals while away, in spots such as Harlem Café for brekkie and Sakura for some innovative sushi. The top spot had to go to Shu though, a restaurant that's appeared on the Michelin Guide (and in my humble opinion, deservedly so).


Location: Thomas Street

I'm slowly but surely making my way through the menu at Griolladh, and this month I went for the Chicco & Stuffin'. I added pickles (I don't know who needs to hear this but you don't hate pickles, you just thought they were gross as a child, and they will in fact make every sandwich and burger better now as an adult) and on recommendation went for a caesar dressing which strangely worked well with the chicken and stuffing.


Grind 101

Location: Carrickmines

My first iced coffee of the season came from Grind 101 in Carrickmines in the form of an iced sweet black Americano. Sadly the weather wasn't to last, but I'll be looking forward to my next one when the sunshine returns.

Saw The Batman

Location: Dundrum Cinema

As an avid Twilight fan (which I will no longer label a guilty pleasure and just admit proudly that I enjoy the gothic cringe fest that it is) I was beyond intrigued to see R Patz transition to R Batz. Although the film was far too long, and there were a few questionable and somewhat silly scenes, I have to say I largely enjoyed it, and am excited to see both Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson in the future films. Not to mention our Irish lads Colin Farrell as Penguin (though utterly unrecognisable) and Barry Keoghan as Joker (I know he only appeared very blurrily for mere seconds but if you're not stoked an Irish actor is playing such an iconic role, I don't know what will excite you).

Hike up Ticknock Mountain

Like everyone else in the country, I was desperately trying to soak up the good weather while it lasted. Given that I was back wearing sweatshirts and gilets this week, I'm glad I took the opportunity to hike Ticknock while it was still nice out. It's a walk I've done many times, given its close proximity to my house, but I hadn't in many years for a few reasons. It was amazing to get out and about and to enjoy some fresh air now that it's warming up.


And that's about all from me when it comes to how I spent a month in Dublin, food, drink, and culture wise. I have a few fun plans in place for April, including afternoon tea and seeing Chicago in the Bord Gáis, so watch this space at the end of next month.

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