There's now a new bar for aging Millennials that's even complete with Aisling copybooks

By Katy Thornton

January 5, 2022 at 12:00pm


This new bar is giving us all the nostalgic vibes.

The 90s have been making a serious comeback, for years now. We've seen the return of 90s fashion, 90s snacks, 90s music, and so much more. This Dublin 8 bar celebrates all things 90s, specifically Irish 90s, and we are more than a little obsessed. Jackie's on Francis Street is the place to hit up if you're a true 90s kid (or just wish you were).

They use Aisling copybooks for menus (that alone should make you want to stop by) and they serve Calpol inspired cocktails. Remember how obsessed everyone was with Calpol, to the point you'd try to fake sick just to get a sweet taste of that purple goodness? I know it wasn't just me. Well the "Calpol 18+" cocktail comes with brandy, condensed milk, oat milk, and grenadine - a different kind of cure altogether. All their cocktails have a 90s twist to them, the "Moe-jito", the "Pikachu lemondrop", the "Solero pornstar martini".

Jackie's opens daily from 12pm-8pm, and you can make a booking HERE. Relive your 90s kid years as a 90s kid adult, with a cocktail or two.

Header image via Instagram/jackiesdublinĀ 

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