Man spends €700 on a burger after a night out - and can't get a refund

By Fiona Frawley

February 7, 2023 at 12:52pm


This should hopefully make you feel better about whatever post-bank holiday fear you're grappling with right now.

We've all woken up after a night out with a sense of dread looming over us as we log into our online banking, or tentatively open our wallets to assess the damage.

There's inevitably always evidence of a late-night kebab or portion of garlic cheese chips, and possibly a receipt to remind you of the moment you channelled Oprah and offered free shots to everyone in the audience (bar).

All traumatic enough happenings, but they pale in comparison to being charged €700 for your post-night out burger.

Toby Wilson picked up a veggie burger at a food truck named Efe's Kebab Kitchen after a night out in the UK, and after the price was typed wrong into the card machine he ended up paying £650 rather than the £6.50 the meal was worth.


He approached the business owner, who told him he'd have to go through his bank to obtain a refund. One month later, he says he's still waiting for a repayment.

Efe's Kebab Kitchen, image via the Irish Mirror

Speaking to The Mirror about the mishap, Toby said:

“It’s very frustrating. Admittedly, at the start, it was a bit of a funny story. I thought it would be quickly sorted out and the banks would go, “Yep, it’s an error."


“But the bank is very slow at doing things. They said, “have you got a receipt?” The human aspect of it is I don’t. No one has a receipt for things like that.

"I have a mortgage and bills to pay. It is just very worrying. The point is the money is mine, and it’s a significant amount."

He added: “If it was €50, I might be able to go, “You know what, just keep it, I’m not bothered with the stress” But it’s a lot.”

Business owner Ahmed Abdullah told a local paper that he had wanted Toby to talk to his bank for safety reasons, adding: “This is the legal way”.


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