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18th Aug 2021

Stop what you’re doing – Rascals have created a new pale ale inspired by one of Ireland’s favourite fizzies

Fiona Frawley

First of all, apologies for saying “fizzies” – I know the struggle around what to call carbonated drinks is a huge point of contention for people all over the country… Minerdals? Tins? Pops? Who knows tbh.

Politics aside, Rascals have just announced a very exciting collab. They’ve teamed up with Club to bring you Rascals x Club – a pale ale inspired by the refreshing citrusy taste of Rock Shandy.

If you’re a bit of a craft beer connoisseur and are into a citrusy kick, you need to get your hands on a can or two of this. Describing their latest creation, Rascals say: “there’s a big hit of fresh citrus orange on the nose that carries through on the taste before developing into a nice bitter-sweet lemon”. Lemon and orange peel are used in the whirlpool with the juices added in during the fermentation process, and will no doubt bring you straight back to your Rock Shandy days in the pub as a young whipper snapper.

If this pale ale sounds like a bitta you, act fast. According to the Insta post, this is an extremely limited edition collab. You can pick yourself up a few cans at Rascals HQ, on their website or in all good independent off-licences. What a time to be alive.

Please drink responsibly

Header image via Instagram/Rascals Brewing 

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