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16th Apr 2021

There’s a new South American café open in Temple Bar and there are wraps and bowls aplenty

James Fenton

Fans of South American food rejoice because there’s a new café selling all of your favourites now open in Temple Bar.

Located on Fleet Street, Toca Café opened up on April 2 and already looks like its a great addition to Temple Bar’s multi-cultural food scene.

Serving some really innovative products from South America such as tapioca wraps and real açaí bowls, all of the products are not only healthy but delicious as well.

Speaking about the new venture, Patrick Gallagher from Toca told Lovin Dublin that “the whole cafe (actually technically called a Tapiocaria) is centered around the idea of health, sustainability and protecting the Amazon Rainforest. We wanted to bring something different to our customers, something they could not find anywhere else in Ireland. 

“Our main menu item is our Tapioca wraps, tapioca is a flour that comes from the Cassava vegetable which is indiginous to south america, it is gluten free, contains no saturated fat, it is lactose free, contains calcium and is really light and easy to digest.”
There’s nothing like a bit of variety when it comes to dining and Toca have got that in spades. “We have loads of different fillings for the Tapiocas which come in savory flavours such as Chicken, Ham & Cheese, Corned Beef,” Patrick explains. “Also we have sweet ones which include Coconut and Nutella with strawberry and banana. And we have lovely vegan variations including sauteed mushrooms and kale.”
“We find that our Irish customers are a little bit apprehensive at first because the Tapiocas do not look like anything they have eaten before but once they try they are all amazed and we have a lot of repeat customers already. Many are coming a few times a week.
“Another really popular menu item is our açaí and pitaya (dragon fruit) bowls. We use premium grade organic açaí and pitaya, which is 100% traceable back to the exact location it came from. 
“We are very busy already with customers from Brazil and other parts of South America. They are all telling us how good our products are and they rave about the quality. This is amazing to hear as they understand exactly how these products should be.”
If you’re worried about leaving your furry friend at home then don’t be because Patrick has confirmed that Toca is pet-friendly. In fact, he says that “we love when our customers bring their pets.”

With speciality coffees and treats aplenty, Toca Café is definitely one to visit on your next trip to the city.

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