Twister cocktails are taking over TikTok and they look so damn good

By Brian Dillon

April 1, 2021 at 4:56pm


These Twister cocktails look absolutely delicious and super simple to make. And we think they might be a great way to create the ultimate summer vibes at home!

We have been loving TikTok for all of the simple foodie hacks and cocktail inspiration. Since summer has somewhat arrived (I mean, this is Ireland, it's hard to tell) and the sun has been paying us some more frequent visits, we need the ultimate cocktail to match it.

Recently, we tried these Solero cocktails and lads, they were divine. Next up, it's Twister cocktails! Having a quick scan through TikTok (our best friend during lockdown), you'll find that there are numerous super easy ways to make these, with a few TikTokers simply using ice, Twisters, lemonade and vodka. Just like the below video.



And if you want to add a bit more to it, you can throw in some frozen fruit (mixed berries would probably work best) along with some fruit juice, just like in the below video.


And there you have it: summer in a glass. If these tickle your fancy, then you'll probably also want to check out these gorgeous Solero cocktails.


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Feature image via @hannah.miller28 and @emilyjhopkins on TikTok.