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22nd Dec 2023

Irish people name their favourite Celebrations – and there’s a clear No.1

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Let’s see if the nation’s No.1 is the same as yours.

Mars Ireland has released the results of a poll on the question we all want answered, this holiday season – what is the most popular Celebrations chocolate?

To mark 40 years of operations in Ireland, the company asked a research company to conduct a survey among Irish adults. Asked for their Celebrations chocolate of choice, this was the Top 5:

  1. Maltesers (26%)
  2. Bounty (15%)
  3. Snickers (13.7%)
  4. Galaxy Caramel (12.1%)
  5. Galaxy (11.7%)

Tough luck to Mars and Milky Way there.

Funnily enough, when the same adults were asked for their least favourite chocolate from the box, Bounty (30%) was a runaway winner/loser.

The fact that the mini Bounty bars rank so highly in Ireland means we are unlikely to go down the drastic route that saw Mars UK remove the bar from Celebrations on sale there. Research, in 2022, across the United Kingdom showed that 39% of consumers never go near the coconut-flavoured treats.

The trial was a UK exclusive, in Tesco stores. In a statement issued to JOE, last Christmas, Mars confirmed that the trial is “a UK-only campaign, with no plans to bring it to Ireland at present”. Mars Wrigley said its own research of 2,000 UK residents aged between 18 and 65 suggested that 18% would feel irritated to find only Bounty bars were left in the tub.

That effective piece of Christmas 2022 PR eventually led, in September 2023, to a Bounty-only Celebrations tub being released.

It was also confirmed that Bounty would be back in the regular Christmas 2023 Celebrations rotation.

The chocolate-y world is back on its axis, and the arguments can begin all over again.

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