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10th May 2024

Save the summer boredom – Explorium centre in Sandyford is officially fully open


The good weather rolling in means we’ve all been scrambling to get out of the house more and find something to do. Even for Dubliners without kids, this can come with a lot of head scratching, but for anyone with little ones, the struggle is even realer. Luckily, Explorium Ireland is fully reopening from today (May 10th) to give parents somewhere to bring their kids this summer.

With the end of the school year on the horizon, children are soon to be bouncing up and down the walls looking for something to do. Unfortunately for parents in Dublin, the range of child-friendly activities that don’t break the bank is slim to none, and there’s only so many times anyones willing to look at the monkeys in Dublin Zoo (and the average adult’s is much lower than a child’s).

The National Sport and Science Centre is reopening all of its sections on May 10th to give parents a solution to the whinging and whining boredom brings, and the range of activities included should keep everyone happy. Although the Junior Explorium section re-opened in January, the Science and Activity sector have been closed since Covid in 2020. However, tomorrow the doors to all of the attractions are set to reopen tomorrow, so the over 8’s will finally have somewhere to be entertained too, which I’m sure lots of Dublin mammies and daddies will be thrilled (and relieved) to hear.

Play is super crucial for kids to learn as it helps them improve their motor and social skills, and introduces them to abilities they’ll use well into adulthood. While education and fun are two things kids don’t believe can co-exist, Explorium has tried to strike the balance that parents have been searching for, so they can let their kids burn off that boundless energy in a safe and engaging environment.

Regardless if they’re a sport fanatic or a gamer, Explorium promises to have activities for everyone, from as young as the age of 2.

There’s hundreds of hands-on activities that incorporate science, tech, art and maths- like a room that displays a whole lightning show inspired by Nikola Tesla. If you need something more intensive to really wear the kids out, there’s a large outdoor slide and lots of exercise based activities like tug of war and a musical bike too.

While the lack of child-friendly spots around town can’t be solved by one establishment, the amount of things to do in Explorium means it doesn’t have to be a one time thing, and you can bring them back whenever you catch yourself counting down the days until they’re back to school.

Some of their new features include a Sensory Room created exclusively for guests with disabilities or additional needs, including autism and neurodivergence and there’s also a new restaurant and cafe whenever an essential caffeinated boost strikes you.

The Junior Explorium tickets are 15 for children and 5 for adults, and there’s also specific offers for parties. More info is available on the Explorium Ireland website.

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