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27th Feb 2021

This Dublin 8 spot have their strawberry daiquiri machine all set up for the weekend

Sarah Finnan

strawberry daiquiri

Some opt for water, others go for iced-coffee… but us? We have our eyes on a strawberry daiquiri from 57 The Headline. 

Life is better in the sun. It’s a cliché but it’s true. Opening my curtains and looking out at the sky is my way of gauging how the day is going to go and waking up to 50 shades of blue is always an indication that good times are a-comin’.

Living in Ireland, we’ve generally come to accept that sunny days are few and far between, but one golden ray and we’re all lit to bits. Masters of making hay while the sun shines, we’re nothing if not resourceful and this Dublin pub has proven that – jumping at the chance to fill their drinks dispenser with strawberry daiquiris.

Getting all the bits in order ahead of the weekend, staff at 57 The Headline took to Instagram to say:

“So! Fire this up and fill with strawberry daiquiris? It’s looking good for a few days so let’s have a bit of fun.”

We need no encouraging, let me tell you.

Sounds like a great way to enjoy some refreshment today, as long as its safe and within your 5km.

Header image via Instagram/57 The Headline