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08th Sep 2020

Top doctor says she “doesn’t see pubs in Dublin opening any time soon”

James Fenton

Dr Mary Favier, President of the Irish College of General Practitioners, has stated that she doesn’t see “wet pubs opening in Dublin or in Limerick any time soon”.

The Cabinet decided today that the date for the reopening of pubs that don’t serve food will be September 21. However, with a rise in Covid-19 cases causing particular concern in Dublin and Limerick, Dr. Favier feels that punters in these two cities may have to wait a while longer.

Speaking on Morning Ireland today, she said: “There are issues of equity here in that if you have areas and counties that have very low incidence, there is an argument for the wet pubs opening there, but what would need to be done in terms of restrictions I can’t envision.

“But I can’t see wet pubs opening in Dublin, or in Limerick for that matter, any time soon. This is all obviously for the next number of weeks.”

Over the weekend, publicans were issued with draft guidelines which will have to be adhered to if pubs are to open for the first time since March. They include the provisions that only table service will be allowed and that groups will be limited to six people from a maximum of three households. The 105-minute limit will remain if pubs provide a one-metre distance between groups but won’t be required if a two-metre distance can be maintained.

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