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28th Nov 2019

Whelan’s deliver hilarious response to one-star Google review

Darragh Murphy


Whelan’s is one of the best spots in Dublin City.

It’s a fantastic venue for live music and stand-up comedy. It’s a great pub for a post-work pint. But it’s not somewhere you should go for dinner.

That’s because they don’t serve food at the Wexford Street bar.

One negative Google review of Whelan’s this week, however, would lead you to believe otherwise.

Whelan’s management have laughed off one particular one-star review they received on Google this week which complained about the aesthetic quality and size of their non-existent burgers.

A post on Whelan’s Facebook page reads: “1 star review on google this morning said simply: ‘Ugly small burgers. Blah.’

“The chef will be devastated. Oh wait! We don’t have one. Or serve food. We do serve booze. Maybe he was seeing things. Ugly small things.”

The review appears to have been removed from Google since the social media response.

Whelan’s, which has an overall Google review rating of 4.5 stars, make a habit out of responding to any negative reviews and always request additional information from unsatisfied patrons to enable the bar to improve in certain areas.

But it would be rather difficult for a pub that doesn’t actually serve food to somehow make their burgers larger and easier on the eye.