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23rd Aug 2021

6 tasty places in Dublin for vegan dessert

Katy Thornton

Being vegan has never tasted so good.

Vegan food and restaurants are in high demand and we understand why. Whether you’re vegan or not, it’s great to try new things, or switch up certain consumption habits every once in a while. And something that is done very well vegan is dessert. I know, this is surprising when you take away cream, milk and eggs, but these Dublin restaurants and bakeries have created dairy-free desserts so good, you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

1. It’s a Trap

If the trap is that these goodies taste as good as non vegan pastries, then it is indeed a trap. This Denmark Street café is a must try whether you’re vegan or just love to try new food.

2. Mish Mash

That banana bread looks good enough to, well, eat. If there’s one thing that doesn’t need dairy to taste good, it’s banana bread, and Mish Mash on Capel Street make it to perfection.

3. The Rolling Donut

Donut shops have sprung up all over Dublin in recent years, and The Rolling Donut is great for a wide vegan selection. Whether you’re a lemon and poppy seed person, or a lover of vanilla and pistachio, these donuts are delectable in all their locations.

4. Eathos

Located on Baggot Street, Eathos prepares both vegan and non-vegan dishes. Their best vegan desserts include their oat and almond cake and their chocolate sea salt caramel. Now that’s an eathos we can get behind.

5. Cornucopia

We couldn’t write a list on vegan dessert without writing about Cornucopia. Situated on Wicklow Street, they have been a haven for all things vegan since 1986, and their passion for catering is what makes them such a popular spot today. Their vegan chocolate fudge cake is especially good.

6. Póg

A beloved spot in Dublin with four locations, Póg caters for all. They do a stunning vegan afternoon tea which includes desserts such as red berry cheese cake and banoffee pie.

7. Mugs Café

This Dalkey café is serving up delicious vegan cookie sandwiches that are sure satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

What will you try first?

Header image via Instagram/cornucopia_restaurant 

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