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23rd Feb 2023

A new pub has opened within Dublin’s oldest surviving Guild Hall

Katy Thornton

Tailors’ Hall has a new purpose in Dublin.

It’s true. A tavern has opened within Tailors’ Hall, Dublin’s oldest surviving Guild Hall. The hall has been standing in the heart of Dublin city for over 300 years and is a protected structure. Over the years, the building has had a variety of uses; their website states it has been used as a “meeting place for the Tailors’ Guild and other Guilds” as well as “entertainment, teaching” and “an army barracks and a court house“.

According to the Dublin Inquirer, publican Paul Clinton transformed the basement into a pub, turning the ground space into something of a beer garden. Given its status as a protected building, there were some concerns on whether they had planning permission for the bar and beer garden, but apparently permission wasn’t necessary as it’s always been used for hospitality.

When questioned on turning the historical ground into a beer garden, Clinton says he did no such thing, that instead he had simply put “furniture on the grounds.”

Tailors Hall Tavern serves hot food from 1pm, as well and hot and cold drinks. Whether you’re in the mood for an Irish coffee, or a pint of plain, Tailors’ Hall Tavern does it all.

You can find Tailors’ Hall Tavern at Back Lane at The Liberties.

Header image via Instagram/tailors_hall

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