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Early Doors

29th Feb 2020

An unreal new ramen restaurant has just opened up in Dublin

Alan Fisher

Ramen Co spicy beef ramen

You better believe it.

An unreal new ramen restaurant has just opened up in Dublin and you will want to stick it on your 2020 foodie bucket list.

I got to check Ramen Co out for our Early Doors series and it was fantastic. Take a look:

Ramen Co is a quaint little place based in the heart of Rathmines.

First of all, I love the decor which starts the minute you spot the restaurant. The light blue paint and the name of the restaurant in yellow that looks like an old school game.

They pride themselves on using the very best locally sourced produce with their seafood coming from Wrights of Marino, the meats are selected by their master butcher Michael Bermingham of Market Butchers, the free-range chicken comes from Manor Farm, and their duck comes from Silver Hill.

They slow cook their base broths for at least 18 hours which ensures the depth of flavor and consistency necesssary for a good bowl of ramen.

The selection of dumplings is hand-made by the experienced team of dim sum chefs along with all the dressings used.

So with all that information, I dived into as much as I could.

Prawn, beef and chicken ramen along with hoisin duck dumplings and Nutella dumplings to finish.

All of the ramen bowls were bursting with flavors but I have to admit that the spicy beef ramen was my favorite.

The beef was so tender and the soup had a decent kick off it.

Although this is predominately a ramen restaurant, I really love dumpling so I had to check out what was going on in this area.

I went for the hoisin duck dumplings and good god yes.

You can tell the quality of the duck the minute you bite into the dumplings and the juices burst into your mouth.

To finish off, although wildly full by now, I tucked into some Nutella dumplings.

Deep-fried shell, oozing Nutella and ice cream on the side. I love that mix of hot and cold for dessert so this was a big win for me.

I was genuinely never really sold on ramen before but I couldn’t have enjoyed my dining experience here more if I tried.

I can’t wait to go back so you better stick it on your bucket list.

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