Sweet And Spicy: This Asian Food Staple Makes An Amazingly Delicious Tea

A great way to warm yourself up on a chilly winter's Sunday


What am I drinking?

Lemongrass tisane.

Where am I drinking it?

Peacock Green, an unexpected little gem of tea-room kitsch complete with flowery cushions, faux-historical portrayed on the walls and these amazing milk jugs. 

It looks just like an ordinary busy take-away coffee-and-cake spot on Dame Street, but upstairs it’s quiet and bright, and they have a fantastic selection of interesting and unusual tea blends, and delicious scones. Service is a little haphazard though.


What does it taste like?

The most lasting impression this infusion will leave is on your nose – it smells divine, like that mix of spicy and fresh you get from the best fresh Thai food. 

It definitely smells good enough to eat, which is good, as it is essentially just dried lemongrass. Even with a chock-full teabag, there’s only a whisper of flavour – of, as you may have guessed, lemongrass – but it's extremely tasty and refreshing.

What does it look like?

PG keep their loose-leaf teas in tall glass jars, and bag them freshly and generously on demand, though without ceremony. This tisane is so pale it barely colours the water, but looks (and smells) exceptionally enticing.


Where does it come from?

Though we associate lemongrass mainly with Thai food, it grows all over Asia and in Africa. The traditional of making tea from lemongrass is mostly from Africa. 

If you’re not sure what lemongrass is like, think of the smell of good citronella candles, it’s the same stuff.

What effect does it have?

There’s no caffeine in this blend, but it's really subtle and fresh, and goes really well with one of PG’s fruity scones. You can leave it steep for ages without any detriment to the flavour – in fact, the stronger the better.


Where can I get it?

Peacock Green have four locations: I’m in the one on Lord Edward St (top of Dame St), there’s also Leeson St. Lower, Hatch St. Upper and Merrion Road. Each have a fantastic selection of teas and coffee.

Is it worth the try?

This cost €2.30, so a bit expensive given that it’s just a mug not a pot, but it really is delicious, and the upstairs seating area is well worth a visit for a quiet, refined sip.


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Written By

Anna Murray