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10th Oct 2019

Five Deadly Cafes To Get Your Fix On World Porridge Day

Sarah Finnan

Did you know that today is World Porridge Day?

Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. Either way, we know what we’re having for breakfast.

The humble bowl of porridge can sometimes be overlooked for the fancier more boujee options but I have to say that it’s one of my go-to pre-work meals.

Whether you make it with water, milk or one of the many plant-based alternatives, the true art is in the toppings.

Here are five of my top picks for a hearty serving of the good stuff.

Greenville Deli

The new addition to Tara Street is serving up vegan porridge this morning for only €2. What a bargain! Made with oat milk and topped with coconut cream, homemade granola and raspberry compote, it’s a little bowl of heaven.


Not only are their pancakes to die for, but their porridge is also pretty damn good too. Choosing to do theirs overnight oats style they add blueberry compote, seasonal fruits and roasted almonds. Let me tell you, that added crunch on top brings a bowl of oats to the next level. Non-dairy options are also available.

Two Pups

Spiced cranberries, maple walnut crunch, candied kumquats (what a fun word) and red currents. Two Pups porridge is sweet and autumnal and utterly delicious. A bowl of this would warm you to your very soul.


The best thing about porridge at Cocu is that they offer other toppings that you can add on to elevate your porridge from boo to woo. Start off with plain or porridge topped with homemade compote, agave or cinnamon and then choose from banana, berries, goji berries, pomegranate, dried fruit, granola, cacao nibs, coconut crushed nuts and nut butter. So. Many. Options.


The sister to Cake Café, another one of my faves, made with a choice of almond or coconut milk, options include; porridge with pomegranate, cardamom and pumpkin seeds, porridge with banana, honey and poppyseed, porridge with camelina oil, toasted nuts and honey. I’ll have all three, please.

Now go forth and enjoy a big bowl of oats with the lads.

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